Road reseal and rehabilitation program

Council's upcoming road maintenance program.

Council maintains more than 2200 kilometres of roads across the region through its Road Reseal and Rehabilitation Program to ensure they are safe for motorists.

Through this program, council repairs road failures, improves the road surface, and renews line marking - all to ensure the region has safe and high quality local roads.

In 2022/23, the $23 million program included more than 88 kilometres across 160 local roads.


View the videos below for examples of what to expect if a road in your area is being improved.

More details are also available in the program fact sheet[598KB].


Safety is council's top priority. Please slow down, drive carefully and follow all traffic directions to help keep everyone safe, including road workers.

As part of the Road Reseal and Rehabilitation Program, cycling infrastructure is constructed or upgraded.

To learn more on what cycle symbols and cycle lanes mean and tips on sharing roads and pathways safely visit Cycle safety.

More information

If you would like more information on the Rehabilitation and Reseal Program please contact council.

Schedule of work

The schedule of work is subject to weather conditions and can change due to circumstances outside of council's control. Contractors carry out this work on behalf of council.