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Other minor capital projects may also be underway. Some projects may take a bit longer than anticipated to complete due to extended periods of rain, or contractors availability.

 You can also follow the progress of council's major regional projects.

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Camp Flat Road - Stage 4 upgrade

Bli Bli

Sunshine Coast Council is committed to the ongoing improvement of local road networks within the region. Council has received partial funding from the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS) to continue the upgrade along Camp Flat Road, Bli Bli.

Start Date 
DurationLate 2023 and early 2024

Stage 4 will resume from the previous section of Camp Flat Road completed in 2021 and will also include the Whitecross Road intersection.

An experienced fauna spotter-catcher will be in attendance to manage and supervise all terrestrial fauna management activities prior to and during tree removal works.

Early works will include the construction of a retaining wall on Camp Flat and Whitecross roads intersection, as well Energex and NBN relocations.

More details will be provided to the community prior to these early works commencing.

The main construction is expected to commence between late 2023 and early 2024. Further information will be provided prior to this main construction phase.

Tree clearing works for a new Energex corridor is planned to commence 12 June 2023 with early works expected to start in July 2023, weather and site conditions permitting. Project news - K2723 - Div 9 - Stage 4 upgrade Camp Flat Rd Bli Bli (PDF, 1MB).

The construction of a masonry block retaining wall on the north-east corner of Camp Flat and Whitecross roads is planned to commence Monday 4 September 2023. Project news - K2723 - Div 9 - Stage 4 upgrade Camp Flat Rd Bli Bli (PDF, 317.65KB).

Bli-Bli, Petrie Creek Catchment - Waterway improvements

Bli Bli

A design has been developed for the naturalisation of a section of waterway within Princess Drive Park, Bli Bli.

Start Date 
DurationOctober 2024

The waterway comprises a low-flow concrete drainage channel within a grassed, open swale area.

The works aim to naturalise the waterway corridor. This will establish a high value public open space which integrates with the existing environmental, social and cultural values of the area.

Bli Bli - Petrie Creek Catchment | H4900 - Waterway rehab project news - Division 9 (PDF, 304KB)

Illuka Street - Stormwater pit upgrades


Sunshine Coast Council is committed to maintaining infrastructure across our region.

Start Date 
Duration3 weeks

As part of this year’s Stormwater Renewal Program, Council is upgrading five stormwater assets and within an associated drainage easement on Illuka Street, Buderim.

Buderim - Illuka Street | K6623 - Stormwater pit upgrades project news - Division 6 (PDF, 570KB)

Kayleigh Drive and Kelly Court - Stormwater improvement


Sunshine Coast Council is committed to improving stormwater quality aligning with Council’s strategies, guidelines, and current industry best practice techniques. Our commitment fulfills the stormwater quality management element of the Local Government Infrastructure Plan.

Start Date 

Following preliminary regional planning assessments, we identified a list of asset locations and water sensitive urban design solutions throughout the region.

As part of this program, we will be retrofitting stormwater pit baskets to existing stormwater pits within Kayleigh Drive and Kelly Court, Buderim. 

This project will improve water quality and environmental outcomes by capturing a large percentage of gross pollutants before entering downstream waterways.

Buderim - Kayleigh Drive & Kelly Court | H4899 - Stormwater Quality Improvement project news - Division 7 (PDF, 388.4KB)

Buderim, Lindsay Road - Pedestrian crossing upgrade


Sunshine Coast Council is committed to improving accessibility throughout our footpath network.

Start Date 
Duration2 weeks

We will be upgrading a zebra pedestrian crossing into a raised priority crossing on Lindsay Road, Buderim. Refer to the project news for the location of works.

Buderim - Lindsay Road | K4383 - Pedestrian crossing upgrade project news - Division 7 (PDF, 351.5KB)

Buderim, Main Street - Kerb ramps upgrade


Sunshine Coast Council is committed to improving accessibility throughout our footpath network.

Start Date 
Duration1 Week

Council will be renewing two kerb ramps which will improve the accessibility of the crossing at Main Street, Buderim.

Buderim - Main Street | K7472 - Upgrade kerb ramps project news - Division 7 (PDF, 482KB)

Main Street - Off-street carpark upgrade


Council is committed to improving parking across our region and are pleased to announce the upgrade to the carpark at 21 to 25 Main Street, Buderim.

Start Date 

The works will see the carpark upgraded from gravel to asphalt and includes surrounding landscape upgrades.

Access to this off-street carpark as well as on street carparks fronting Main Street will be closed throughout the duration of the works.

Buderim - Main Street | H9057 - Off-street Carpark Upgrade project news - Division 7 (PDF, 529KB)

Buderim, Palmwoods Heritage Trail – Stormwater replacement


Council will soon begin Stage 3 works on replacing the stormwater pipes at Site 16 along the trail. Stage 1 and 2 works have been completed.

Start Date 
DurationTwo weeks

Stage 3 will see the stormwater pipes along the trail replaced using traditional open cut excavation methods. Site 16 is the next site due for works. 

A damaged section of the pipe will be removed, with bank stabilisation measures installed for long-term protection of the trail. During the works a scoured section of the trail will also be repaired and replaced with a concrete v-drain. 

Works will start on Monday 13 May 2024 and is expected to finish within two weeks, weather and site conditions dependent. 

Buderim | Palmwoods - Heritage trail site 16 | K3237 - Stage 3 Storm water pipe replacement project news - Division 7 (PDF, 1.4MB)

Buderim, Piccabeen Crescent Park - Swing replacement


The planned works involve removal and replacement of the swing, rocker and edging at Piccabeen Crescent Park.

Start Date 
Duration20 May to June 2024

Installation of a new a-frame swing with bird’s nest seat, a compliant softball rubber pad and new pommel stepping-stones to improve the park and play facilities.

The new play equipment is currently being manufactured. We plan to start construction from 20 May 2024 and complete the work in June 2024, weather and site conditions permitting.

Buderim - Piccabeen Crescent Park | H8808 - Swing replacement project news - Division 6 (PDF, 1.4MB)

Grandview Drive - New pedestrian trail

Coolum Beach

Sunshine Coast Council is pleased to deliver a new trail at Coolum Beach to improve connectivity for the community.

Start Date 
Duration5 weeks

A new 74 metre gravel trail will extend from the pathway at the top of Scrub Road through steep terrain to 17 Grandview Drive. 

The trail will provide an alternate, off-road access for pedestrians walking to and from Lowes Lookout. The trail will include numerous steps. The trail will be constructed to incorporate existing mature trees.

Coolum Beach - Grandview Drive | K1383 - New Pedestrian Trail project news - Division 9 (PDF, 1MB)

Lions & Norrie Job Park - Landscape works

Coolum Beach

Sunshine Coast Council is committed to providing high quality open space that supports active and healthy communities.

Start Date 
DurationBeginning of June to end of September

Following three rounds of community engagement in 2016, 2022 and 2023, we have finalised a community-led landscape plan for Lions and Norrie Job Park, Coolum Beach.

We are starting the staged construction for the landscape plan upgrades with stages 1A and 1B of the landscaping works. The timing of future stages 2 and 3 is still to be confirmed.

Coolum Beach - Lions & Norrie Job Park | K4113 / H4716 - Landscape Works 1A & 1B project news - Division 9 (PDF, 649KB)

Eumundi Aquatic Centre - Equipotential bonding


Sunshine Coast Council is committed to maintaining and improving our facilities across the region.

Start Date 
Duration3 weeks

As part of these ongoing improvements, we are upgrading the equipotential bonding at the Eumundi Aquatic Centre. These works are required to maintain safety at the aquatic centre.

We will create a channel to the perimeter of each pool and install new bonding to connect to all existing metallic pool fixtures in each pool. As a result, we will need to close each pool to allow works to safely take place.

Eumundi - Eumundi Aquatic Centre | K2899 - Equipotential bonding project news - Division 10 (PDF, 929KB).

Reed Street and Bruce Parade - Streetscape refurbishment

Reed Street and Bruce Parade - Streetscape refurbishment

Glass House Mountains

Works to beautify Glass House Mountain’s entry into the town centre will soon begin on creating a welcome sense on arrival for locals and visitors.

Start Date 
Duration2 weeks

The works predominantly include landscaping works at the intersection of Reed Street and Bruce Parade. 

The works include refreshed landscaping in the verge featuring locally sourced Glass House stone boulders, garden bed planting with native species including the Ngungun May Bush shrub and new street trees. 

Uplighting will be added to existing trees in Settlers Rotary Park that border Bruce Parade. 

This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to not only beautify our community, but also to make it more environmentally sustainable.

Glass House Mountains - Reed Street and Bruce Parade | K1316 - Streetscape refurbishment project news - Division 1 (PDF, 324.6KB)

Golden Beach, Esplanade - Seawall and foreshore works

Golden Beach

Sunshine Coast Council is committed to improving infrastructure and coastal protection across our region.

Start Date 
DurationLate February to June 2024

We are rebuilding an aged section of the seawall that is degraded and no longer effective, between Jellicoe and Nelson Streets. 

The project will help protect the parkland and footpath from damage caused by storm surges, high tides and erosion. It includes:

  • reconstructing and raising approximately 80 linear metres of the existing seawall using grouted rock
  • installing tiles to create a ‘living seawall’ with habitat for sea creatures
  • a new section of footpath and matching timber and metal balustrade, reinstating the barbecue shelter, benches and binoculars
  • reinstating the parkland and planting.

This work is now underway and is scheduled to be completed in August 2024 (weather and site conditions permitting). 

Golden Beach - Esplanade | K4295 - Seawall and foreshore works project news - Division 2 (PDF, 297KB)

Ilkley Road - Road improvements


Our community’s safety on the local road network is our highest priority.

Start Date 
Duration2 Months

We are pleased to let you know we have received the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program funding to improve the safety on Ilkley Road, Ilkley.

The upgrade aims to improve safety and awareness. It will include new guardrails and signage. Existing line markings will also be altered.

Ilkley - Ilkley Road | K3444 - Road improvements project news - Division 5 (PDF, 469.2KB)

Kawana Aquatic Centre - Upgrade


Major upgrades are underway for Kawana Aquatic Centre and the facility remains fully operational during this time.

Start Date 

Major upgrades are underway for Kawana Aquatic Centre and the facility remains fully operational during this time.

Stage 1 of the aquatic centre upgrade is complete, including a new 20-metre, five-lane indoor heated pool along with new structures, new plant and equipment and demolition of the existing indoor pool.

Construction of Stage 2 is now underway and is scheduled for completion in late 2025, weather permitting.

These works include a new entry building, a kiosk, public amenities and changerooms, and additional car parking.

Bokarina - Kawana Aquatic Centre | H7797 Stage 1 completion April 2024 project news - Division 3 (PDF, 584KB)

Bokarina - Kawana Aquatic Centre | H7797 Stage 1 update October 2023 project news - Division 3 (PDF, 550KB)

Skippy Park - Softfall and playground slide renewal


Sunshine Coast Council is committed to maintaining and improving our parks and recreational spaces across our region.

Start Date 
Duration1 week

As part of these ongoing improvements, we are upgrading the playground at Skippy Park, Landsborough.

Works will include installing a new playground slide and rubber softfall to improve safety and functionality.

Landsborough - Skippy Park | K6580 - Softfall & playground slide renewal project news - Division 1 (PDF, 804.4KB)

Cod Hole Park - Playground upgrade


We are upgrading the playground at Cod Hole Park, Maroochydore

Start Date 
Duration13 May to late May 2024

Works include installing new rubber tiles in the playground and constructing new access paths to the barbecue area and play spaces. This will improve safety and accessibility for the park’s patrons.

Works are scheduled to start Monday 13 May and will be completed late May, weather and site conditions permitting.

Maroochydore - Cod Hole Park | K2602 - Playground upgrade project news (Division 7) (PDF, 335KB)

Mooloolaba, Brisbane Road/Amarina Avenue - Signals upgrade


We are pleased to let you know we have received Australian Government’s Blackspot Program funding to improve the safety of the intersection at Brisbane Road and Amarina Aveune, Mooloolaba.

Start Date 
Duration1 week

This project is to upgrade the intersection signal phasing and installation of CCTV.

Works are expected to start Monday 20 May 2024 and be finished within one week, weather and site conditions permitting.

Works will be undertaken at night between 6pm to 3am, Monday to Friday.

Property access should not be affected during works. However, construction crews will contact residents prior to starting any works which may affect property access.

Thank you for your patience while we deliver these necessary works to improve safety and connection.

Mooloolaba - Brisbane Road and Amarina Avenue | K3445 Signals upgrade project news - Division 4 (PDF, 448KB)