Land for wildlife incentives roll out to members

Each year landholders are also able to tap into incentives.

Land for wildlife incentives roll out to members

Land for wildlife (LFW) is a conservation program where landholders with over one hectare of habitat on their property can become members and receive free property visits, species lists, property management advice, educational workshops and regular newsletters. Each year landholders are also able to tap into incentives, including up to 300 free seedlings, installed nest boxes and a package of herbicide, weed control tools and training.

Each year the incentive program grows and evolves, with this year being no exception. The type of nest boxes used have been upgraded to models made from 100% recycled plastic and Queensland cypress which are both termite and rot proof and are able to last over thirty years.

This has been the fourth year that herbicides and weed control tools have been offered to members. The compulsory training that is provided to members was once again extremely popular, with great feedback received:

The herbicides and techniques from the workshop significantly increased the success of weed control in the selected area. The workshop was interesting, informative and well run. I have recommended it to neighbours.”

This financial year, 179 LFW properties will receive 27,549 seedlings, 168 nest boxes and 18 herbicide and tool kits – all funded through the environment levy. But the best part is the thousands of hours of bush regeneration work that will be undertaken by the dedicated LFW members. Thank you to all our hard working LfW members who are helping to protect and restore habitat and biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast.

If you would like to find out more about the LFW program and the incentives available.