Coastal discovery van

Visit our mobile coastal discovery education centre to learn about the coastal processes that shape our beaches and how council works to protect our coastal lifestyle.

Coastal discovery van

The coastal discovery van is Sunshine Coast Council’s mobile education centre for the community and schools. Interpretative and interactive displays allow visitors to discover our natural coastal values and learn about coastal processes. Discover ecosystems and geological features that play a key role in our coastal environment. Or explore how council manages and protects our iconic coastal zone with our interactive wave tank.

To learn more about coastal management, please visit the coastal management web page.

Engaging with the coastal discovery van

The coastal discovery van moves around the Sunshine Coast and provides an open space for meaningful discussion between residents and council.

If you are a business or group interested in having the coastal discovery van attend an event or community gathering, please contact coastal discovery.

School incursions and excursions

The coastal discovery van provides a fun and interactive learning opportunity for students, either at your school or a coastal location within the Sunshine Coast local government area. We provide tailored lesson plans and a coastal guardians passport (PDF, 3.85MB) to engage students of all ages.

Looking for something more to do? Combine your visit of the coastal discovery van with a beach clean-up at one of our beautiful beaches supported by council staff. Find out more about council’s beach clean up program.

If you are a school or an organisation that would like to book the coastal discovery van, or find out more, please contact us via email.

Watch these virtual lessons to find out more about our beautiful coast and the coastal processes that shape it.

Lesson 1 - Coastal processes

Sunshine Coast Council's coastal discovery van

Lesson 1 of 3.

Lesson 2 - Geological coastal features

Sunshine Coast Council's coastal discovery van

Lesson 2 of 3.

Lesson 3 - Marine debris, microplastics and plankton

Sunshine Coast Council's coastal discovery van

Lesson 3 of 3.