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Frogs of the Sunshine Coast

Find out how to identify our local frogs.

Frogs of the Sunshine Coast


Check out our frogs of the Sunshine Coast information sheet (PDF, 1037KB) for a small compilation of frogs you can identify locally.

If you are looking for more extensive identification tools you may find the following websites and resources useful:

Species information

Read the following articles which delve deeper into individual frog species:

Creating a frog pond in your backyard

Attracting frogs into your backyard is not difficult. If you create the right conditions and habitat the frogs will find their way. You may even have resident frogs already.

The presence of frogs is a good indicator of the overall health of an ecosystem. By creating suitable habitats and refuges for frogs in our own backyards we can help their survival in challenging urban environments.

For more information and tips check out the following articles: