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Maps and other downloads

Download maps and other relevant documents associated with Maroochy Plan 2000.

Volume 1: Maps

Map numberMap title
Map 1.1[1935KB]Planning Areas and Precincts Map
Regulatory Map 1.1[2151KB]Nature Conservation Management Areas
Regulatory Map 1.2 (1 of 2)[5251KB]Waterways
Regulatory Map 1.2 (2 of 2)[1943KB]Wetlands and Fish Habitat Areas
Regulatory Map 1.3 (1 of 2)[7075KB]Landslip Hazard
Regulatory Map 1.3 (2 of 2)[8258KB]Steep Land
Regulatory Map 1.4[3611KB]Acid Sulphate Soils Areas
Regulatory Map 1.5[3432KB]Flood Prone and Drainage Constraint Areas
Regulatory Map 1.6[3126KB]Water Resource Catchment Areas
Regulatory Map 1.7[5363KB]Bushfire Prone Areas
Regulatory Map 1.8 (1 of 7)[3335KB]SC Airport Obstacle Limitation Surface
Regulatory Map 1.8 (2 of 7)[394KB]SC Airport Obstacle Limitation (detail)
Regulatory Map 1.8 (3 of 7)[2257KB]SC Airport Runway Separation
Regulatory Map 1.8 (4 of 7)[416KB]SC Airport Aviation Facility Sensitive Areas
Regulatory Map 1.8 (5 of 7)[629KB]Existing Noise Affected Areas
Regulatory Map 1.8 (6 of 7)[763KB]Possible Future Noise Affected Areas
Regulatory Map 1.8 (7 of 7)[497KB]Safety Zones
Regulatory Map 1.9[3689KB]Extractive & Mineral Resource & Buffer Areas

Volume 2: Maps

Map NumberMap Title
Map 2.1[2061KB]Strategic Plan
Map 2.2[1652KB]Road Hierarchy Map
Figure 2-13.3(a)[806KB]Cane Rail Network Map

Volume 3: Maps and figures

Map numberMap title
Planning Area No.1[1857KB]Planning Area - Maroochydore
Fig[346KB]Fig Maroochydore Centre Core Frontages
Planning Area No.2[898KB]Planning Area - Nambour
Planning Area No.3[1382KB]Planning Area - Sippy Downs
Fig 3-3.3.3(a)[1153KB]Sippy Downs District Structure Plan
Fig 3-3.3.3(b)[1182KB]Sippy Downs Township Structure Plan
Fig 3-3.3.3(c)[1056KB]Sippy Downs Town Centre Precinct Plan and Street Layout
Planning Area No.4[775KB]Planning Area - Mooloolaba
Fig 3-3.4.4(a)[812KB]Mooloolaba Esplanade Concept Plan
Planning Area No.5[1207KB]Planning Area - Mountain Creek
Planning Area No.6[2976KB]Planning Area - Buderim
Fig 4.7.31a[367KB]Buderim Village Master Plan
Planning Area No.7[529KB]Planning Area - Alexandra Headland/Cotton Tree
Planning Area No.8[1174KB]Planning Area - Kuluin/Kunda Park
Planning Area No.9[713KB]Planning Area - North Shore
Planning Area No.10[514KB]Planning Area - Mt Coolum
Planning Area No.11[545KB]Planning Area - Coolum Beach
Planning Area No.12[595KB]Planning Area - South Peregian
Planning Area No.13[466KB]Planning Area - Bli Bli
Planning Area No.14[482KB]Planning Area - Palmwoods
Planning Area No.15[409KB]Planning Area - Woombye
Planning Area No.16[441KB]Planning Area - Yandina
Planning Area No.17[345KB]Planning Area - Eumundi
Planning Area No.18[326KB]Planning Area - Kenilworth
Planning Area No.19[2089KB]Planning Area - Blackall Range
Planning Area No.20[1667KB]Planning Area - Mountain Creek Valley
Planning Area No.21[1026KB]Planning Area - Eudlo Creek Valley
Planning Area No.22[2489KB]Planning Area - Petrie/Paynter Creek Plains
Planning Area No.23[2788KB]Planning Area - Maroochy River Plains
Planning Area No.24[1114KB]Planning Area - Yandina Creek Valley
Planning Area No.25[1143KB]Planning Area - Northern Coastal Plains
Planning Area No.26[639KB]Planning Area - Northern Hinterland
Planning Area No.27[1354KB]Planning Area - Central Hinterland
Planning Area No.28[1210KB]Planning Area - Southern Hinterland
Planning Area No.29[788KB]Planning Area - Obi Obi Creek Valley
Planning Area No.30[3140KB]Planning Area - Mary River Valley

Volume 4: Maps and drawings

Map numberMap title
Figure 4-2.1.1[2321KB]Nature Conservation Strategy
Figure 4-2.1.2(a)[2141KB]Waterways
Figure 4-2.1.2(b)[3380KB]Wetlands and Fish Habitat Areas
Standard Drawing R-0050[187KB]Residential Driveway Detail Plan
Standard Drawing R-0056[208KB]Rural Driveway Detail Plan
Figure 4-7.3.1(a)[367KB]Buderim Village Master Plan
Figure 4-2.1.6[2455KB]Designated Bushfire Prone Areas for Building Work

Volume 5: Maps

Map numberMap title
Map 5.1[2738KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area and Master Plan Units
Map 5.2[407KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area Land Use Structure
Map 5.3[322KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area Major Infrastructure Elements
Map 5.4[2742KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area Precincts and Sub-precincts
Map 5.5[1100KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area Height of Buildings and Structures
Map 5.6[1378KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area Active Frontages, Gateways and Activity Nodes
Map 5.7[1103KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area (Master Plan Unit) Sequencing of Development and Infrastructure
Map 5.8[1414KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area Road Transport Infrastructure Network
Map 5.9[2967KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area Public Transport Infrastructure Network
Map 5.10[1441KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Network
Map 5.11[2332KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area Water Supply Infrastructure Network
Map 5.12[2018KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area Sewer Infrastructure
Map 5.13[1141KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area Stormwater Infrastructure Network
Map 5.14[431KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area Urban Open Space Infrastructure Network
Map 5.15[455KB]Maroochydore PAC  Master Planned Area Community Facilities Infrastructure Network
Map 5.16[1681KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area Electricity Infrastructure Network
Map 5.17[1806KB]Maroochydore PAC Master Planned Area Telecommunications Infrastructure Network

Appendices  Planning scheme policies

Maps and figures

Map numberMap title
PSP No.6[2345KB]Transport, Traffic & Parking Policy: Map 1 Road Hierarchy
PSP No.12[3060KB]Biodiversity - Map 1
PSP No.12[1957KB]Biodiversity - Map 2