About Maroochy Plan 2000

The Maroochy Plan 2000 was adopted by the former Maroochy Shire Council and has been superseded by the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014.

The former Maroochy Plan 2000 set out the assessment levels and requirements for undertaking development in the former Maroochy Shire.

Maroochy Plan 2000 was adopted by the former Maroochy Shire Council on 23 February 2000 and commenced on 1 June 2000. On 21 May 2014 the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 superseded the Maroochy Plan 2000.

About the plan

Volume 1 describes the purpose of the Maroochy Plan 2000 and defines key terms used in the plan. This volume contains the tables of development assessment for material change of use, building work, operational work, reconfiguring lots and special management areas. The tables of development assessment clearly set out the applicable codes.

Volume 2 contains the strategic plan. The strategic plan describes the vision for the future and also contains the desired environmental outcomes that state the expected outcomes for the community through the Maroochy Plan.

Volume 3 contains a description of the preferred development intent for each planning area and precinct.

Volume 4 contains the codes against which development is assessed.

Volume 5 contains structure plans for areas identified as requiring more detailed guidance in respect to planning and infrastructure outcomes.

Volume 6 contains the priority infrastructure plan providing information related to the trunk infrastructure needed to service existing and future development.

The appendices contain the planning scheme policies that include information requirements, standards and specifications that support the codes in volume 4. The appendices also set the level of developer contributions that must be paid for each development.

View the former Maroochy Plan 2000

You can view the former Maroochy Plan 2000 here (includes amendment 24 which commenced on 16 September 2013).

Previous versions

For information about previous versions of the Maroochy Plan 2000 or to obtain copies of previous versions of the Maroochy Plan (prior to 21 August 2006), please email [email protected].