• Last updated:
  • 28 May 2018

Rates contain levies set by council and/or the state government. They are:

  • Environment Levy
  • Transport Levy
  • Tourism and Major Event Levy
  • Heritage Levy
  • State Emergency Management Levy.

The environment, transport, tourism and major events levies provide vital funds for projects that protect and enhance the Sunshine Coast region. Details of other levies are contained in council's Revenue Statement[2774KB].

Environment Levy

The Environment Levy allows council to fund a range of environmental management schemes across the region. Every property throughout the region is charged an annual $72 levy. In this way, council and the community are working together to protect the long term health of the environment.

The Environment Levy Policy directs how the levy can be assigned to projects or programs in an effective, open and accountable way.

Transport Levy

To help speed up improvements to local public transport services and infrastructure, and to promote usage, council resolved on 21 April 2009 to introduce a Transport Levy. In 2017/18 the levy is $42 per rateable property. Through this investment, council also aims to build stronger partnerships with the state government through policy development, improved promotion, catalyst projects and seek funding to attract improved public transport investment. 

The Transport Levy Policy[327KB] directs how the levy can be assigned to projects or programs in an effective, open and accountable way.

Tourism and Major Events Levy

The Tourism and Major Events Levy assists in promoting tourism. A special rate is applied on all land that will receive a benefit from tourism, either directly or indirectly. This is applicable for the 2017/18 financial year.

This rate applies to all land that has been categorised in the table below. There is a minimum amount of $95.00 applicable to all land.

If you believe your property has been incorrectly categorised and this levy should not be applied, please complete the online Tourism and Major Events levy declaration form.

Category  Description  Rate cents per $/RV  Minimum 
A Transitory accommodation - Urban
 0.3117 cents
B Transitory accommodation - Rural
 0.2338 cents
C Commercial and Industrial - Urban
 0.1559 cents
D Commercial and Industrial - Rural
 0.1169 cents
E  Iconic Tourism
 0.3117 cents

You can find more details of the Tourism and Major Events Levy in Section 4.3 as well as Appendix 3 of the Revenue Statement[2774KB].

Heritage Levy

The $11 Heritage Levy is applied to a range of cultural heritage projects. The Cultural Heritage Reference Group gives advice to council on the importance of items selected.

State Emergency Management Levy

Council is required to collect this levy in accordance with the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990.

The rate set this financial year is in accordance with the Fire and Emergency Services Regulation 2011 current as as July 2015. The revenue is sent to the state government and there is no discount available on this levy.


If you would like more details or assistance, contact the Rates Unit via council's customer service centre.