Recycling bin collection
  • Last updated:
  • 22 Sep 2020

Council provides a fortnightly recycling collection service to Sunshine Coast residents and commercial customers. Find the collection day for your yellow lid recycling bin. If you require a second recycling bin, please contact council.

  • Yellow-lidded bins are for recyclable items only, such as newspaper, specific plastics, steel and aluminium cans.
  • Yellow-lidded bins are not suitable for general and garden waste.
  • General rubbish and garden waste should be placed in your general or garden waste bin.

Read council's Guide to Waste and Resources Recovery Services[1162KB].

Recycling waste charges

Recycling bin collection is a service provided to residents and businesses and is included in the cost of the general waste charges.

Recycling guidelines

To maximise recycling from a business or household, follow these simple guidelines.

Please squash plastic containers and cardboard boxes before putting them in your recycling bin. 



Newspapers, magazines, office paper, tissues, cardboard, pizza boxes (food scraped off), junk mail, liquid paperboard (e.g. milk and juice cartons)
Please remove plastic covers from free papers before recycling the paper and put the plastic in the waste bin 

Don't recycle  Waxed cardboard boxes
Paper/cardboard items heavily contaminated with oil and grease 

Plastic containers

Recycle  All containers with an identifying number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 on the bottom of the container. These include milk, soft drink, detergent, ice cream, juice, yoghurt and take away containers. Rinse them first please. 
Don't recycle  Containers with a number 7 on them, syringes, plastic films, wrap or plastic bags 

Steel and aluminium cans

Recycle Food and drink cans and aerosols
Don't recycle  Other metal products such as car parts, appliances or cutlery. These can be recycled at the Resource Recovery Stations at the Transfer Stations 


Recycle  All glass food jars and bottles of any colour 
Don't recycle  Any other glass such as light bulbs, pyrex ovenware, drinking glasses, window glass or crockery such as plates, cups and mugs 

Please do not place non-recyclables in the yellow-lidded recycling bins. Placing items such as food scraps or packaging in the recycling bin can contaminate the recycling process.

Food residue, lids and wrappers should be removed from recyclable items before they are placed in the recycling bin.

Recyclable bin collection guidelines

  • Bin collection vehicles operate from 6.00am to 6.00pm. Please place your bin on the kerb before 6.00am on your collection day.
  • Place your wheelie bins a minimum of 500mm apart.
  • All items placed in the bin should fit loosely so that the bin empties easily.
  • The bin lid must be able to close completely.
  • Place your bin within half a metre from the roadside, with wheels facing away from the road.
  • Ensure the collection truck has access to the bin, with no obstacles in the truck’s way.
  • Please ensure your bin is returned to the property as soon as practical after emptying.

Missed bins

Waste collections occur between 6.00am and 6.00pm on the day of service. A service is not considered 'missed' until after 6.00pm.

Note: You should only report a missed service after 6.00pm on the service day but before close of business the following working day.

Extra services

If an owner or authorised agent requires an extra waste collection in addition to their regular service, complete the online form. Extra services are charged according to bin sizes. Refer to the fee schedule for relevant costs. An invoice will be posted to the authorised requestor. Tenants can request a pre-paid service by contacting council.

Bin damage and replacement

You can report damaged or stolen bins to a customer service officer by completing the online form.

Please note that residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their bins.