Transport Levy Policy and initiatives
  • Last updated:
  • 28 Jun 2020

On 20 April 2009, council resolved to introduce a Public Transport Levy to help accelerate improvements to local public transport services and infrastructure and to promote patronage. This levy was restructured to a Transport Levy in 2014. During this time the levy has delivered a range of activities that have led to improved services

The annual Transport Levy is playing a key role in improving our connectivity to work, recreation and each other. Importantly, it is also helping us plan for the future transport needs of one of Australia's fastest growing regions.

While the Queensland Government is responsible for the public transport network and solutions in the region, the Transport Levy helps council continue to advocate to the State and Federal governments for much-needed investment in our region - for better public transport and improved road and rail infrastructure.  The levy also enables council to trial transport services to assess the viability for permanent services.

Transport Levy funded projects

Transport infrastructure is a critical component of managing growth on the Sunshine Coast, providing the connectors between community and facilities across the region. The Transport Levy is a crucial funding source to enable the region to maintain its liveability and attractiveness as a destination of choice for holiday makes and residents. The levy provides a constrained funding source that is restricted to uses prescribed under the Transport Levy Policy[100KB].

Through the levy, council is investing in projects that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

Transport Levy Policy

The Transport Levy Policy[100KB] directs how the levy can be assigned to projects or programs in an effective, open and accountable way.

Transport Levy Annual Reports

The Transport Levy Annual Reports provide information on how the Transport Levy is improving connectivity today, and for the future.

The Journey So Far[472KB] provides a visual snapshot of some initiatives delivered to date.

More information

If you would like more information about the Transport Levy, please contact council.