Stories from newcomers
  • Last updated:
  • 29 Aug 2019

Being a new arrival can be challenging - these stories tell the stories of how others lives have unfolded.

Talk to other migrants and other people who have recently arrived here. Most migrant nationalities have an association or expatriate group, either here on the Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane. You can meet others from your country, speak in your own language and ask where to buy your favourite foods etc.

You can find many social groups you might like to join in the Handbook and Directory[1983KB].

View a snapshot of some of our new friends who have settled on the Coast.

 Hear Duyen talk about his 'bumpy' road from Vietnam to the Sunshine Coast.

Jang moved from Thailand more than ten years ago. She now feels that this is home.

Arriving here was different for these German singers but they agree that meeting neighbours and making friends helps you settle in. 

Samoko came from Kenya to work in the music and arts area and began busking in Brisbane's Valley before moving to the Coast.

Sawyma & Olga come form different countries but both have found a sense of belonging through the local community centre.

Tibetan Topgyal wanted a better life for his child.