Multicultural conversations

Learn about the stories and journeys of our multicultural residents, and the Multicultural Conversations Project.

These stories are an intimate window into the lives of multicultural people living on the Sunshine Coast. Some arrived here 60 years ago and some have only been here a few months.

Their journeys to Australia are all very different. Some boarded a ship, some boarded a plane and some tell of fleeing from conflict. 

The stories talk about love, sacrifice and homesickness, friendship and support, and how local people made a big difference in their lives.

All these stories represent the coasts rich cultural diversity. There are 20 conversations in the Multicultural Conversations Booklet[5545KB]. Six of these stories are below for you to view.

Beverly comes from Kenya. Hear about her experience coming to the Sunshine Coast.

From Kiev, Ukraine, Svitlana was a nurse but now teaches pilates.

Abdulsalam came from Libya on a scholarship.

Lewis produces macadamias in Eumundi. He migrated from Malta.

Stella came from Uruguay with her husband and four children.

Dimitri's parents brought him to Australia when he was 19 years old.