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  • Last updated:
  • 12 Apr 2022

Discover our online Adventure Sunshine Coast tool that makes it easier to find inspiration and information on walks on the Sunshine Coast.

Quickly filter over 120 walks by location, distance, time, difficulty level, and other criteria to find the walk that's right for you. Create your own profile to keep track of the walks you have done or would like to do. Provide reviews of walks to help others decide. View photos of what you will see on your journey. Find out if you can take your dog along on your adventure, plus lots more.

Wonderful walks for locals and visitors on the Sunshine Coast

Wherever you are on the coast there are walks close by. Beyond the main tourist attractions there are over 120 mapped walks online that let you enjoy the magnificent diversity of the Sunshine Coast.

Explore different tracks within beach, coastal, wetland and forest environments. Discover new and dramatic scenery.

Walk at your own pace and get away from the crowds to marvel at our towering trees. Be charmed by the quiet beauty of our native animals. The koalas, grey kangaroos and echidnas in their natural habitat will enchant you. The thrill of seeing and hearing our colourful bird life will dazzle you. And in the heat of summer you will discover that there is no cooler place than in one of our free-flowing waterfalls.

The walking tracks that are part of Adventure Sunshine Coast offer a variety of experiences from short leisurely strolls suitable for the whole family, to more strenuous medium to longer distance trails. There are even three to five day treks with overnight camps, such as the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk. These are not just some of the best walks to do on the Sunshine Coast - they are some of the best walks to do in Australia!

By doing one of our walks you will gain a fantastic sense of achievement as well as feel truly connected to the Sunshine Coast.

Walking and cycling maps

Explore pathways in your local area with the Sunshine Coast Active Travel Maps, designed to help you walk, ride or catch the bus from Peregian Springs through to Pelican Waters. Discover a new way to get to the beach or find a bike park for the kids using these comprehensive maps. 

For a unique coastal experience check out the Coastal Pathway Guide with tips for a leisurely stroll or a half day cycling adventure.

Whatever your leaning, there is a walk for you

The Sunshine Coast is a part of Australia that has much to offer walking adventurers of all types.

Discover vastly different easy-to-do walks for all the family. Walks that include great district and coastal views and points of interest for young children. There are over 60 easy walks in the region including:

There are a number of cemented pathways and boardwalks across the region making it easier for wheelchair access or parents pushing strollers. These places make it possible for people to get up close with nature and include:

For energetic walkers who like to climb up and down and cover a lot of distance in one day (or more). Adventures Sunshine Coast offers several trails including:

Discover the immense variety of rainforest and dry forests throughout the Sunshine Coast. There's ironbark and grey gum forests, bunya and hoop pines, lilly pilly and casuarina groves and much more including:

The wetlands, waterways and everglades of the Sunshine Coast are home to amazing birdlife, many of which are migratory. Some of these birds are best viewed from the water or at dawn and dusk. If you are lucky you might see:

There are plenty of great selfie photo opportunities on the Sunshine Coast. Among the locations that provide majestic backdrops, the iconic pandanus and postcard views are:

On the Sunshine Coast there's ample opportunity to experience beautiful beach and coastal walks as well as hinterland walks that take you to crystal clear waterfalls and rockpools. Some of these are suitable for swimming.

For those who enjoy elevation, district views and the odd burn in the calf and quad muscles, our volcanic outcrops and rolling hills provide great opportunities to amble up and down. These include:

There are more walks to be found

Adventure Sunshine Coast is a great way to discover not just most trodden trails but also our lesser-known yet equally impressive walks. Our online guide lets you walk by:

  • location
  • distances and time
  • available facilities
  • difficulty levels
  • whether the track is a circuit or one way.

Each walk description contains helpful information on where to park, starting point, water supplies and what you can do afterwards. The site contains the most up-to-date information on all our walks include new additions. 

For more information contact council or your local tourist information centre.