Horse riding

Want to get your horse out of the paddock and go for a ride? There are a range of great tracks for a short morning ride to a multi-day pack ride, so get that horse ready for an adventure on the Sunshine Coast.

Horse riding

Discover our new online Adventure Sunshine Coast tool that makes it easier to find inspiration and information on horse rides in the Sunshine Coast.

Quickly filter over 30 different tracks by location, distance, difficulty level and other criteria to find the ride that's right for you. Create your own profile to keep track of the rides you have done or want to do. Provide reviews of rides to help others decide. See photos of what you'll see on your journey. Find out where to float and water your horse, camp and more.

Adventure Sunshine Coast has all you need to plan your next horse ride on the Sunshine Coast.

Great horse rides for locals and visitors to the Sunshine Coast

Wherever you are on the Sunshine Coast there are horse riding areas close by. With over 30 different routes to choose from you can find the space to get away from mountain bikers, as well as shared trails with walkers and bikers. A variety of experiences are on offer from scenic and leisurely rides through to longer more committed adventures as part of connected trail networks, ideal for endurance training. On the Sunshine Coast you can also freedom ride and swim your horse on Noosa's North Shore.

By taking your horse out on one of our trails - by yourself or in a group, you will gain a fantastic sense of achievement, enhance the bond you have with your horse, and feel truly connected to the Sunshine Coast.

To choose your next horse ride go to Adventure Sunshine Coast or read on for further ideas and inspiration.

Whatever your leaning, there's a horse ride for you

The Sunshine Coast is a part of Australia that has much to offer horse riding adventurers of all types.

There's more horse rides to be found in Adventure Sunshine Coast

Adventure Sunshine Coast is a great way to discover all the available Sunshine Coast horse riding areas. Our online guide let's you find rides by:

  • locations
  • distances
  • available facilities
  • difficulty levels
  • whether the ride is a part of a bigger circuit or network of trails.

Plus each horse riding description contains helpful information on where to park your float, starting point, water supplies, where you can camp and what you can do afterwards.

Discover the Adventure Sunshine Coast online guide today. This resource contains the most up to date information on all our horse rides including new additions. So load your float, check our guide and off you go.

Permits for commercial and group activities

Permits are required for commercial and group mountain bike activities on all tracks listed. To obtain permits please contact the managing authority as identified below:

National parks and conservation parks

Department of Environment and Science

Phone: 13 74 68

Visit the Department of Environment and Science website

Forestry Plantation Queensland

Phone: 07 5438 6637

Visit the Forestry Plantation Queensland website

Ewen Maddock Dam or any other dam

SEQ Water

Phone: 1800 737 928

Visit the SEQ Water website

Sunshine Coast Council managed areas (commercial activities only)

Please contact council.