• Last updated:
  • 02 Jun 2020

 The Regional Arts Development Fund [RADF] is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Sunshine Coast Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland. RADF funds are aimed at the development of emerging and established artists, creative practitioners and producers. RADF funding is awarded to projects that align with the Sunshine Coast Arts Plan 2018-2038.

RADF promotes the value of arts, culture and heritage as drivers of diverse and inclusive communities and strong regions.

RADF showcases local talent and encourages participation in art inspired events.

RADF also builds local capacity, cultural innovation and community well-being.

Council supports local artists in many ways:

  • RADF competitive grants program
  • Professional Development
  • Council initiated projects and programs such as The Refinery, Fabric, Creative Spaces
  • and, through partnerships with arts organisations such as Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance.

The program includes 3 strategic areas to develop our rich and resilient creative ecology:

1. Creative Industries

2. Content Development

3. Professional Development

The RADF competitive arts grants program is available to:

  • emerging and established artists
  • producers and creative practitioners
  • not for profit organisations
  • creative businesses

The program is open to practitioners across all art forms.

RADF grants are competitive. More information about applying for a RADF grant can be found on the RADF funding page.

Recruiting for RADF Assessment Panel members

We are recruiting for several practising creatives to join the RADF Assessment Panel for a four year term [with an option to step down after two].

The RADF Panel is a group of informed representatives who reflect the diverse arts, culture and geography of the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area, and are selected for their expertise in the arts and/or their understanding of developing the creative and cultural potential of the region.

RADF Panel members are selected on the following criteria to enable diverse and balanced expertise and artform representation relevant to the Sunshine Coast Creative Sector, and against the needs of current RADF Panel:

  • Established arts practice and industry experience
  • Capacity to advocate, lead and support the development of other artists and practitioners aligned to the SC Arts Plan
  • Understanding or connection to the Sunshine Coast or creative sector development in regional context. 

The ongoing responsibilities of a RADF Assessment Panel member are to attend and participate in RADF meetings [currently 3 per annum], assess RADF applications, promote the program within your own networks, and ensure that funding allocated is aligned with the RADF principles, eligibility criteria and the priorities of the Sunshine Coast Art Plan 2018 – 2038.

The RADF Panel assess RADF applications against the RADF Guidelines and Sunshine Coast Arts Plan 2018–2038 and make recommendations to council for funding. 

Please note:

  • RADF panel members will not be eligible to apply for RADF funding during their term on panel
  • This is not a paid position, however a set honorarium is paid per assessment round/ panel meeting [3 per year]
  • You would need to be available to assess RADF competitive grant applications online in the two weeks prior to meetings, and then attend RADF Assessment panel meetings held on a Wednesday in mid-March, mid-July and mid-November each year.

Interested in nominating? Submit your nomination. Please feel free to contact Saffron Drew by phone 0427554531 or email artscoast@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au for more information.

back of lady in red dress with elaborate hair and headpiece 

Image: Jaguar Jonze, Rising Sun Photographer: Cam Attree Costume: Cindy Vogels for Racy&Lucky Hair: Louise Graham