Cool Homes for the Sunshine Coast
  • Last updated:
  • 03 Aug 2022

If you are buying, building, or renovating a home on the Sunshine Coast – discover ways to make your home more comfortable for the Sunshine Coast climate.

The Cool Homes for the Sunshine Coast flipbook is full of tips to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Buy, build or renovate for the sub-tropical climate

A thoughtfully designed home will work with the climate, and will consider the path of the sun, so you can live comfortably without having the air-conditioning on all summer and the heating on in winter.

Buying or creating a home involves many complex decisions. This booklet can help you develop a checklist of ideas to make your home more comfortable, healthy and more affordable to live in without the cost of high electricity bills.

Rewards of a home designed for the climate

There are many benefits of designing or buying a home that is suited to the sub-tropical climate – these include:

  • Your home will feel comfortable without relying on air-conditioning and heating.
  • You’ll enjoy an indoor/outdoor lifestyle all year.
  • Your home will have increased light in winter and shade in summer.
  • Your health and wellbeing will benefit.
  • Your energy use will be reduced, so lower electricity costs.
  • Your home will likely retain or improve its value.

 Sunshine Coast Design Compass

Pulling up the Sunshine Coast Design compass on your phone is a great way to learn about orientation and the best location for different rooms in your house. 

Click here to access the compass if you’re viewing from your phone: Property compass

If you’re viewing from the computer, scan the QR code to bring up the compass on your phone while you are at home, house inspection or block of land to learn more. 


For more information, please contact council’s Sunshine Coast Design Team on