Free online course

Take our free online course for ways to cool your home.

Free online course

This free online course will give you the knowledge and confidence to buy, build or renovate a home that is best suited and most comfortable for the Sunshine Coast climate and lifestyle.

Buy, build or renovate for the Sunshine Coast climate

The course goes a little deeper than the cool homes booklet and includes videos to show you what to look for or how to design a home that will work with the climate and the sun.

The free online course will teach you:

  • how the Sunshine Coast climate affects your home
  • how to manage the sun coming into your rooms
  • the basics about home orientation and what makes a good floor plan
  • how to design or modify your home to make it more comfortable and affordable to live in.

Note: No quizzes or tests – just easy to follow guidance.

Start the free online course.