Contributed asset acceptance

Find out more about conditions relating to construction of public infrastructure and facilities.

Operational work construction

Operational work is the construction of infrastructure that affects a property or its use.

Infrastructure built as part of a development approval can be public or private.

Public infrastructure and facilities are called ‘contributed assets’ and can include:

  • roads and footpaths
  • parks and playgrounds
  • streetscape and furniture
  • stormwater drainage
  • street lighting.

Construction of this infrastructure can be:

  • by the developer as part of the conditions of a development approval, or
  • as part of an infrastructure agreement, with set timeframes for the delivery of the works or with financial contributions.

Contributed asset acceptance

Development approvals can include conditions for the construction of public infrastructure and facilities. These are called ‘contributed assets’. Construction of these assets requires an operational work construction application.

Public infrastructure must be built safe and fit for purpose for the community to use. To ensure this it needs to follow a detailed council inspection, maintenance and acceptance process.

Private infrastructure built as part of a development approval does not follow this process. It is the developer's responsibility to construct this infrastructure. They must have it inspected and certified by a certified professional. This is to ensure compliance with conditions of a development approval.

You can lodge an operational work construction application:

  • individually for one single asset, or
  • combined to deliver multiple assets.

On and off maintenance pre-requisites must be met for all relevant assets against an application before an approval can be given.