Downtown Caloundra Taskforce
  • Last updated:
  • 13 Nov 2019

At the end of its tenure, the Caloundra CBD Taskforce recommended a new leadership team (Downtown Caloundra Taskforce) to drive economic revitalisation outcomes, innovation and leadership unity in the Caloundra CBD.

The term of appointment of the Downtown Caloundra Taskforce is for an initial 12-month period to 31 August 2018 with two 12-month extensions possible subject to the majority agreement of the taskforce, Chair and council delegate (Head of Economic Development).


The taskforce’s primary focus is to drive economic revitalisation outcomes, innovation and leadership unity in the Caloundra CBD.

Its actions include but are not limited to:

  • act objectively and impartially for the greater good of Caloundra (with a specific focus on Downtown Caloundra)
  • position Downtown Caloundra as a cohesive, collaborative business centre
  • inform strategies that will enhance the main street’s point of difference and appeal as a shopping, business, investment and events destination
  • review the implementation of the priority recommendations listed in Clause 2 and design a program of events and activity for Downtown Caloundra (by way of Calendar) with associated funding
  • support the Business Development Facilitator for Downtown Caloundra
  • guide performance monitoring and reporting on economic indicators for Downtown Caloundra
  • provide input to the statutory amendment process of the master plan for Downtown Caloundra by council.

Note: Neither council nor the Business Development Facilitator are solely responsible for the delivery of the above actions.

Priority recommendations

These priority recommendations include some that were identified in the Caloundra Economic Revitalisation Study Research and Recommendations Report that are still relevant as well as some newly identified recommendations:

  • Identify and implement urban quality ‘quick wins’
  • Establish an action plan to improve the use and integration of the Transit Centre
  • Establish a consultation plan for ongoing engagement with stakeholders
  • Establish targets and an action plan to maximise the accessibility of the precinct
  • Establish an action plan to maximise awareness and use of public facilities
  • Consider the role, feasibility and impact of a history and surf museum within Downtown Caloundra
  • Continue to adopt and implement Downtown Caloundra Invigoration Strategy
  • Position Downtown Caloundra as a diverse events destination
  • Develop and implement an ongoing program of events and activities (by calendar)
  • Determine and secure a future funding pathway for the taskforce and the delivery of the objectives in Clause 1. 


The taskforce shall comprise six (6) members plus the Chair who will:

  • Act for the wider benefit of Downtown Caloundra over and above individual/sector/entity based thinking; and
  • Have experience in one of the following: retail, entertainment, tourism, data analytics, finance, grants, data, marketing, real estate, community or bring an external perspective.

The Chair of the taskforce will be the councillor for Division 2. The Chair shall appoint a Deputy Chair from the group who will Chair the taskforce if the councillor for Division 2 is not available.

Download the Downtown Caloundra Taskforce Terms of Reference [84KB]
Download the Downtown Caloundra Report August 2017 – June 2018[1114KB]