2015/16 Budget
  • Last updated:
  • 08 Feb 2023

Council adopted the 2015/16 budget at a special meeting on 25 June 2015.

The budget was developed in conjunction with council’s [760KB]Operational Plan 2015/16. The Financial Sustainability Plan 2015-2025[1945KB] was adopted by council at the September 2015 Ordinary Meeting.

Budget snapshot

  • Balanced budget of $588 million
  • $183 million Capital Works Program
  • Bottom line rate increase for the majority of ratepayers is 1.5%
  • $17 carbon tax refund for the majority of ratepayers
  • No increase to general levies
  • Pensioner discount continues, about $3.1 million
  • Early payment discount continues, about $7.6 million.

This is a budget that:

  • has the community of today and tomorrow at its very heart
  • delivers important core responsibilities while implementing a visionary direction to shape the region’s future
  • will continue to grow the local economy to create more jobs and increase household incomes
  • continues to achieve our vision to become the most sustainable region in Australia– vibrant, green, diverse.

Fact sheets

Budget 2015/16 news

2015/16 Budget Schedules

The 2015/16 Budget Schedules were presented as attachments to the budget adoption report. The schedules include:


The following were presented as attachments to the budget report:

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