Liquid waste collection service

Council's contract for servicing holding tank pumpouts ceased 9 July 2023. Residents are to engage private contractors for this service.

Council coordinated the holding tank collection service on behalf of our community.  We engaged a contractor to collect and dispose of liquid waste.

The service has recently undergone a review which has resulted in some changes.

As with every service we provide, we seek to offer excellent customer outcomes that represent best value for money for our community.

However, the review found that from July 2022, the costs for council to continue to provide this service would increase considerably.

From July 2023 households would no longer benefit from council performing a coordination role for this service.

The review also found that there are now more private companies that offer a liquid waste collection service.

This gives property owners more choice when choosing a new supplier.

Frequently asked questions

For more information please email [email protected] and a Waste Officer will be in touch.