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Maroochydore City Centre automated waste collection system

Find out about the automated waste collection system for the new Maroochydore City Centre

Maroochydore City Centre automated waste collection system

Council and the Sunshine Coast are leading Australia in efficient waste collection. Council has installed Australia's first underground automated waste collection system (AWCS) (PDF, 3.5MB) in the new Maroochydore City Centre.

High-tech underground pipes transport waste out of the city centre. Waste travels at up to 70kmh through a 6.5km system of underground vacuum pipes removing waste from:

  • residential apartments
  • commercial buildings
  • public places

The AWCS is a more efficient alternative to conventional above-ground waste collection. The system will help create a cleaner, healthier and more attractive city centre. Recycling rates are also expected to improve.

The use of the AWCS will result in a significant reduction in the number of large vehicles needing to access the city centre. This will provide a safer and more pleasant urban environment. It will also reduce the carbon footprint associated with this essential service. The elimination of early morning garbage collection also creates better urban living conditions.

Automated Waste Collection System video