How can I help?

Action we can all take to help prevent domestic and family violence in our community.

Be There app

Do you want to know what to say? Or how to ‘be there’ for a loved one, a friend or even a stranger who is in an unhealthy, toxic or abusive relationship?

Be There, is a free app giving you access to tools that support you to help someone who is experiencing domestic or family violence.

Learn more about coercive control. Understand what you can say (safely and respectfully) to the person who is using, or experiencing violence. Journal your thoughts and set reminders.

Importantly, the app encourages you to practice self-care. Because we know that supporting someone through domestic violence is hard. 

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Understanding gender equality

Gender equality is the starting point for ending violence against women.

Gender inequality has a strong relationship with domestic and family violence. 

Domestic and family violence is a gendered issue due to the overwhelming perpetration of this violence by men towards women and children throughout the world.

Addressing gender inequality, by promoting equal and respectful relationships starts to address one of the main drivers of domestic violence.  

Let's change the story: violence against women in Australia