Cultural diversity is good for business

More than 2000 new migrants are moving to the Sunshine Coast annually, and local businesses have everything to gain by recruiting into this growing workforce.

Diverse teams bring rich perspectives, varied experiences, and a tapestry of ideas that fuel productivity and innovation.

Employing a culturally diverse workforce leads to many benefits including:

  • increased creativity and productivity
  • a wider range of skills
  • improved employment outcomes
  • improved mental and physical health
  • reduced cost of social services
  • inclusive growth.

Read the case study for a culturally diverse workforce[1437KB] and view the short video below that shares the journey of the work ready migrants and local businesses including:

  • Shadforths Civil Engineering
  • McCormick Foods
  • Kilcoy Global Foods

Diversity isn't just a checkbox, it's a catalyst for success!

How to get involved

Whether looking to hire, wanting to share industry knowledge, or curious about including diverse voices in your workforce, please contact [email protected]  for more information.