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We also have tips and resources for the grown ups.

  • Sunny and Sasha's tips and tricks

    Cartoon image of dog and cat

    Ensure dogs and cats wear their registration tags and details are up to date.

    Protect your mate and shut the gate when playing with your dog at home or in an exercise area.

    Leash, tag, and bag when going for a walk - keep your dog on lead at all times, unless in a signed leash-free area, and remember to dispose of the poo bag in a bin.

    Leave dogs alone if they are eating or sleeping to stay safe - jumping or sitting on their backs can hurt and make them cranky.

    Refrain from playing tug-of-war games, dogs love to play “hide and seek” instead.

    If you see a dog out roaming, tell an adult as it might not be friendly.

    Learn more about teaching children responsible pet ownership by booking a free visit from the Council Education Team. Book a Smart Paws Pet Awareness visit now.

  • Sammy's series


    ‘Sammy always wanted a dog, a warm fury friendly dog, a part of his family. But first, Sammy must prove to his parents that he can be responsible AND safe. Sammy has a plan…’

    The responsible pet ownership book series are heart-warming adventures that encourage children to become responsible pet owners.

    For more information, or to purchase a book, check out Sammy's series.

  • Kids activities

    Kids activities

    Download and print some fun activities to do together as a family.

  • Learn how to greet a dog safely


    When meeting a dog you would like to pat, be sure to follow some simple rules:

    1. Ask a parent or guardian
    2. Ask the pet owner
    3. Let the dog come to you
    4. Pat gently on the shoulder

    To learn about the do's and don'ts of how to greet a dog watch the video.

  • Flashcards


    Download these educational flashcards (PDF, 1.8MB) to learn how to stay safe around dogs. These flashcards are part of the Smart Paws Pet Awareness Program.