Environment levy overview

An important funding source contributing to the protection and enhancement of our biodiversity, waterways and wetlands and coastal areas.

Environment levy overview

The environment levy is funded by ratepayers. Levy funds support the delivery of a range of environmental projects and initiatives. These are carried out by both council and the community. Levy partners include:

  • landholders
  • community groups
  • schools
  • research organisations.

Together we are working to protect and enhance our natural environment.

Through the delivery of these projects, levy funds are supporting our environment and liveability strategy (ELS). The ELS sets out council’s vision for 2041 to maintain a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast.

The ELS responds to the challenges our region will face in the future. It guides our decision-making in protecting what is special about our region. This includes our valued natural environment and its:

  • landscape and character
  • biodiversity
  • waterways and wetlands
  • coastal areas.

Learn more about the many projects delivered through the environment levy program in line with the strategic environment levy policy (PDF, 181KB).