Strategic framework maps

Strategic framework maps are contained with part 3 strategic framework and schedule 2 mapping.

Map numberMap title
SFM1 (PDF, 7295KB)Strategic framework map SFM1 land use elements
SFM2 (PDF, 6176KB)Strategic framework map SFM2 economic development elements
SFM3 (PDF, 7697KB)Strategic framework map SFM3 transport elements
SFM4 (PDF, 6320KB)Strategic framework map SFM4 infrastructure elements
SFM5 (PDF, 6519KB)Strategic framework map SFM5 natural environment elements
SFM6 (PDF, 9815KB)Strategic framework map SFM6 community identity, character and social inclusion elements
SFM7 (PDF, 4621KB)Strategic framework map SFM7 natural resource elements