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The Sunshine Coast Biosphere is not just a place; it’s a commitment to a sustainable future. Recognised internationally by UNESCO, we are now part of a world network of biosphere reserves. These reserves showcase how communities and nature can live in harmony together. The Sunshine Coast Biosphere is a way of life, caring for our environment, creating thriving communities and growing our local economy.

In our Sunshine Coast Biosphere we:

Celebrate - we celebrate people and nature.

Celebrate - we celebrate people and nature.

Join us in celebrating the unique harmony between people and nature. The Biosphere is an opportunity to continue our sustainability journey.  From community events to nature conservation initiatives, there is always something to celebrate.

Participate - we encourage everyone to get involved.

Participate - we encourage everyone to get involved.

The Biosphere is a place where everyone has a role to play. Your participation matters. Whether it’s joining a local community-based organisation, attending a workshop, or volunteering, your collective actions contribute towards a sustainable future.

Innovate - we find new and better ways every day.

Innovate - we find new and better ways every day.

Being innovative for a better tomorrow. We explore new ways of sustainable living, from eco-friendly practices to innovation solutions. The Biosphere is a living model, showcasing how small changes can make a big impact on our environment, community, and economy.

Belong - we are part of something bigger.

Belong - we are part of something bigger.

In our Sunshine Coast Biosphere, we understand the connection to country and place; we’re stewards of a shared home. Belonging is about feeling connected to nature, to each other, and to a common goal – a thriving, sustainable future.

There are many benefits associated with living in our Sunshine Coast Biosphere.

  • Lifestyle - ensures we continue to have a healthy environment and thriving community.
  • Environment - continues to maintain and enhance our landscape and character, biodiversity, waterways, wetlands, and coastal areas.
  • Economy and business - attracts more investment to our region and helps local business grow through the creation of niche markets for our region’s products and services, facilities and practices.
  • Agriculture, forestry and fisheries - showcases our regions local growers, producers, products and their commitment to sustainable practices.
  • Development and construction - supports planning principles of urban consolidation and sustainable design to deliver inclusive and vibrant communities.
  • Partnerships - increases collaboration between schools, academia, business and government with a focus on sustainability projects.
  • Tourism - raises the profile of the Sunshine Coast and increases the desirability of our region as a holiday destination (domestically, abroad and to new market segments).

Learn more about the global network of UNESCO biospheres.


For additional information, please contact the project team via email at [email protected]