Protecting your privacy

Learn about how we collect and manage data.

We manage data privacy and security in accordance with industry best practice, laws and regulations to ensure:

  • the safe and secure operation of our systems
  • security is built in to technologies such as sensors, counting devices, and data analytics cameras
  • protection of people’s private data.

This includes:

*Edge processing is where data is processed at the sensor or device where it is generated. It enables privacy protection by not storing or exporting the vision.

**Council publishes anonymised open data that can be used for research, improve service delivery and foster innovation. This includes assets, environment, emergency and disaster, health, waste, planning, roads and transportation, water, and population data.

Data produced by trailer

The trailer is fitted with devices and sensors that produce counting, environmental and remote equipment management data.

To ensure privacy, these sensors do not collect any personally identifiable information, eg no face or number plate recognition.

  • Cameras produce data analytics of people, vehicles and movement. The cameras do not have vision or audio recording functions.
  • WiFi counter counts the number of WiFi enabled smart devices within an area. No information about the smart devices is kept or transmitted.

Council actively works to ensure compliance to our privacy policy and maintain anonymity of data collected. 

Data produced by the trailer is available to view via our sensors and data page. 

Protecting council assets 

Camera surveillance is operating on the trailer for asset security only. Council has engaged an external contractor to retain the footage, which may be provided to the Queensland Police Service for law enforcement purposes.   

Contact details 

You can contact the Smart Cities team at [email protected]