Sensors and data

See what sensors are on the trailer and what data they are producing

The data trailer can be used for short periods to capture counting, movement and categorisation data in locations for events, capital works projects, streetscape upgrades, walking and cycle paths. 


The mobile trailer is fitted with the following equipment: 

DeviceData produced
Ambient temperature sensorTemperature and humidity 
Weather station Surface temperature, humidity and atmospheric conditions.​ 
Data analytics camerasNumber/type/direction of vehicles, pedestrians, animals in defined areas, eg people, prams, dogs, scooters, cars, trucks etc  
WiFi probe counter 
  • Desire lines: where people move through an area, where vehicles drive 
  • Dwell times: where do people gather and for how long. 
Internet of Things (IoT) gateway Provides internet connectivity for the installed sensors and devices.
Optical surveillance camera Monitors security of the trailer. For more information please refer to Protecting your privacy.

How can I see what data is produced? 

When the trailer is deployed, links will be provided in this section to access a dashboard that shows the data being produced.

For more information contact [email protected]