Transport Futures Fund
  • Last updated:
  • 30 Sep 2019

The Transport Futures Fund* enables council to look to the future and invest in smart and innovative transport solutions now, to provide for a growing and diverse Sunshine Coast.  

The Transport Futures Fund is focussed on achieving major, long-term, multi-modal (bus, train, mass transit, active transport) infrastructure strategies and outcomes such as:

  • major transport projects
  • major transport corridors - protection or acquisition
  • mass transit contribution (and potential precursors)
  • bring forward of major transport elements
  • futures fund accumulation

Over a number of years the fund has provided a sizeable contribution from council to attract greater commitments from the State and Federal governments for projects such as the Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Project. This strategy proved successful for the Gold Coast in achieving the Gold Coast Light Rail and is considered the best way for us to realise our vision for the Sunshine Coast. 

* The Transport Futures Fund is not intended to replace existing capital programs, revenues or funding mechanisms for effective land use planning.

More information

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