The Keeper project
  • Last updated:
  • 30 Mar 2021

The Keeper is offered to one individual at a time. It is an opportunity to work in a temporary role as observer, collector, maker and storyteller within the Coolum community. The project uses repetition, rituals and time to develop a deep and evolving connection to people and place. The Keeper is a form of public art. Moving beyond what is normally considered public art The Keeper encompasses things like murals, sculptures and performances. The Keepers are archaeologists of stories.

The Keeper 2021 Coolum:

  • offers playful opportunities for the community to participate in unexpected places and spaces
  • facilitates experimental collaborations between local artists and community
  • highlights the richness and diversity of life on the coast 
  • fosters new relationships between members of the community, artists and place
  • will deepen connection for locals and visitors through shared of stories and experience

The community

The Community are active participants with the creatives, working onsite to uncover local stories and share in the connections within the Coolum community.

The artists

Artists will be selected through an Expression of Interest process for those who attend The Gathering on 17 February. 

Four local artists will be selected as The Keepers to active Coolum over a 12 week period from June through to August 2021.

Field Theory

Field Theory is a collective of Australian artists committed to making and supporting projects that cross disciplines and seek new strategies for engaging with the public

They are passionate about collaborative processes and art that is embedded. They're excited by methods of communication, time, change and unpredictable content.

They believe in making things happen. Find out more