Feral pig
  • Last updated:
  • 02 Nov 2022

Pigs were brought to Australia as livestock.  As pigs escaped captivity, they quickly established wild populations and spread out of control.  They are now one of Australia’s most widespread pests.

Feral pig is a restricted invasive animal under the Biosecurity Act and must not be moved, fed, given away, sold, or released into the environment.

Where they live

Feral pigs are found in many Sunshine Coast localities—particularly the western region of our local government area. They favour areas with food, cover and reliable water supply.

Problems caused by feral pigs

Feral pigs are considered to be one of Queensland’s most destructive pests.  They prey on native animals and damage fragile habitats by degrading soil and water quality. 

They feed on seed, grain, fruit and vegetable crops—damaging pasture and infrastructure through grazing and rooting.

Feral pigs also threaten livestock through predation and through spread of diseases and parasites.

Protecting against feral pigs

Under the Biosecurity Act all Queenslanders have a general biosecurity obligation to manage feral pigs on their land

To get help to protect your place from feral pigs visit the Managing invasive animals web pages.

Further information

For more information on feral pigs download the fact sheet or visit the Biosecurity Queensland website.