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  • 29 Sep 2020

Due to current restrictions, Kids in Action 2020 is going virtual! Keep reading to find out all you need to know to get involved.

Kids in Action 2020 - Virtual Environmental Projects Day Online Workshops

Access the Kids in Action virtual Environmental Projects Day online workshops, and their accompanying learning notes, via the table below which will be updated regularly.

Begin the virtual journey with a 'Welcome to Country' from our First Nations custodians of the Sunshine Coast.

 'Welcome to Country' Video Link
Gubbi Gubbi First Nations - Uncle Lyndon Davis, Zeke Davis and Jacquie Davis Gubbi Gubbi Welcome
Kabi Kabi First Nations with Brianna Hanson Kabi Kabi Welcome
Jinibara First Nations with Uncle Noel Blair Jinibara Welcome

Continue the journey by watching the weekly workshops as they go LIVE on council's YouTube channel. Download the learning notes for each to discuss and engage in the activities presented, discover resources to support learning and participation, and consider extension ideas for further inquiry and investigation. Enjoy the wonderful content provided by amazing mentors located right here on the Sunshine Coast. 

Presenter/s Workshop Video Link  Learning Activities

Vanessa, Aaron and Dan

The Living Classroom Project

Garden Ambassadors for a Sustainable Future

Part One: The Elements Treasure Hunt - Working with Nature to Grow a Food Garden

 Ambassadors 1 Ambassadors Notes[1326KB]
Part Two: The Worm Lasagne - Building a Garden Bed Ambassadors 2
Part Three: Sustainable Food Use - Cooking and Composting Ambassadors 3

Kylie Crouch


Wetlands - Nature's Filtration System

Part One: Plants of a Wetland

Wetlands 1  Wetlands Notes[747KB]

Part Two: Wetlands and the Urban Water Cycle Wetlands 2

Janine Bedros


Edgy Veg - The Riparian Zone

Part One: Function and Impact

Riparian 1 Riparian Notes[1027KB] 
Part Two: Natives vs Weeds Riparian 2
Part Three: Caring for the Riparian Riparian 3

Dr Sandra Tuszynska


Fascinating Fungi

Part One: The Wood Wide Web

Fungi 1 Fungi Notes[752KB]
Part Two: Features of Fungi Fungi 2
Part Three: Photographing Fungi Fungi 3

Cecilia Wright

Cultural Inclusions

Torres Strait Weaving

Part One: Coconut Leaf Fish

Weaving 1 Weaving Notes[1066KB]
Part Two: Coconut Leaf Windmill Weaving 2
 Kim Herringe

Botanical Impressions - Gel Plate Monoprinting

Part One: Creating a Print

Gel Plate 1 Botanical Notes[1103KB]
Part Two: Hinging Paper to make Multiple Prints Gel Plate 2
Emily Nutt

When we can't be Kids in ACTION, Let's be Kids in REFLECTION

N/A Reflection Notes[744KB]

Gabrielle Quakawoot

The Art of String Theory

Our Golden Spiral Maths - Listening to Nature's Love

Part One: Golden Spiral Number Sequence: Past + Present = Future

Spiral 1 Spiral Notes[879KB]
Part Two: Our Golden Spiral Number Sequence Squared = Golden Rectangle Spiral 2
Part Three: Arches with Squares = Golden Spiral Spiral 3

Uncle Noel Blair

Jinibara First Nations Elder

Traditional Hunting Practices Hunting  Hunting Notes[733KB]

Safi Holford, Poppy Ives, Tallulah Veal,

Willow Cannon, Willow Cosgrove, Levi Webb

A Message from the Kids in Action Youth Leaders Youth Leaders N/A

Uncle Lyndon Davis

Gubbi Gubbi First Nations Elder

Walking on Country Walking Walking Notes[1464KB]

Spencer Shaw

Brush Turkey Enterprises

A Walk in the Rainforest Rainforest Rainforest Notes[1001KB]
Cholena Hughes Sun Prints (Cyanotypes) with Nature Sun Prints Sun Prints Notes[749KB]

Brianna Hanson

Wattle It Bri

Proud Kabi Kabi Woman

Diddillibah Diddillibah Diddillibah Notes[799KB]
Dadirri Dadirri
Dadirri Notes[469KB]

Carly Garner


Sit Spot - A Nature Connection Practice

Part One: Finding a Sit Spot

Sit Spot 1
Sit Spot Notes[809KB]
Part Two: In your Sit Spot Sit Spot 2
Part Three: Sit Spot Tips  Sit Spot 3

Morag Gamble, and Maia & Hugh Gamble

Permaculture Education Institute

The Incredible Edible Garden Garden 1 Garden Notes[964KB]
Morag Gamble's Permaculture Garden Tour Garden 2

Are you keen to get involved but need some inspiration or are not sure where to begin? Here you can get inspired from seeing some examples of previous Kids in Action presentations by schools from a range of regions throughout Australia:

Workshop presentations

Main stage presentations

Video presentations

Kids-Teaching-Kids workshop toolkit

Use the Kids Teaching Kids workshop toolkit to help you think about your presentation structure and assist in organising your workshop needs, resources and task delegation. Contact our Kids in Action team for a copy of our 2018 KIA Project Ideas and Curriculum Links document via email

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