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Kids in Action is an environmental education program aiming to increase knowledge and change actions. Program outcomes include:

  • increasing knowledge and awareness - environmental literacy
  • engendering protection and responsibility - environmental stewardship
  • making changes in actions - pro-environmental behaviour
  • valued learning process - constructivist learning

The Sunshine Coast Kids in Action annual conferences are highly successful with over 2,800 Sunshine Coast students across 53 schools participating to date over the past nine years.

Kids in Action Program 2019

To celebrate UNESCO’s international Year of Indigenous Languages, the 2019 Kids in Action theme was Connecting to Country: Celebrating nature’s icons. Schools were encouraged to choose a native species (flora or fauna) significant to their school and through connecting with and learning from their local Traditional Custodians across Kabi Kabi and Jinibara Countries, develop a deep understanding of the ecological role and cultural significance of their species. Under the guidance of local Traditional Custodians, students learned about their iconic species, they learned language and they began a journey towards becoming passionate custodians of Country.

The 2019 Kids in Action Program was formally recognised for its contribution to fostering reconciliation and paving the way for a better future in Queensland by winning (in partnership with Gubbi Gubbi Dance and Jinibara People's Aboriginal Corporation) the Queensland Government Reconciliation Award for Partnership.

You can check out all the fun and learning from the Environmental Projects Day and the Kids-Teaching-Kids Conference

Kids in Action Environmental Projects Day 2019


Kids in Action Conference 2019 

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Thank you to the teachers, students and mentors who took part in the Kids Teaching Kids process, and congratulations to everyone involved.

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