Covenants and easements
  • Last updated:
  • 15 Oct 2019

Council has standard terms documents for covenants and a memorandum that contains terms and conditions for easements.


Council has registered the following standard terms covenant documents with the Registrar of Titles:

* When completing the geotechnical covenant document, ensure that a form 20 schedule is attached as per this example[24KB].

These dealing numbers may be referred to when completing the Titles Office form 31 covenant document, available from the Department of Environment and Resource Management website. Complete this form when these covenants are required as a condition of a development approval.


An easement can give limited access to a property owned by another.

Council has registered standard terms and conditions relating to these types of easements:

These documents have been registered with the Titles Office, Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

An easement may be needed as part of your development approval. If so, you need to complete the Titles Office form 9 easement document, available from the Department of Environment and Resource Management website. You will need to state the correct easement dealing number when completing the form.


For more information, please contact council's customer service centre.