Council elections

The next local government elections will be held on Saturday, 16 March 2024.

Local Government elections are held every 4 years and are conducted by the Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ).

The offices of mayor and 10 councillors will be contested for the Sunshine Coast local government area at the 16 March 2024 elections. Each councillor represents one division.

For information about the upcoming elections in March go to the ECQ’s 2024 local government elections webpage.

Enquiries about council elections and election results should be directed to ECQ via their website or by phoning 1300 881 665.

Election Facts

The ECQ has produced an Election Facts webpage to help the community sort through fact from fiction when it comes to voting and electoral processes in Queensland.


2024 Local Government Quadrennial Elections Policy 

At Sunshine Coast Council, we aim to set the highest possible standards of integrity. To maintain this standard and to guide both staff and current councillors through the election period, Council has developed the Local Government Quadrennial Elections Policy.

This policy explains the impacts of the caretaker period on Council operations and outlines the limitations placed on staff and current councillors once the caretaker period has commenced.

Election signage

Council’s Election Signage Fact Sheet provides information about election signage requirements on local roads.

For information about election signage on State controlled roads visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.

The ECQ website also provides information about election signage.

Information for potential candidates

The ECQ website is a great source of information if you are considering running for election as a mayor or councillor, including how to nominate, disclosure requirements and expenditure caps. 

To be eligible to nominate for either mayor or councillor, candidates must complete the ‘So you want to be a Councillor’ training which has been developed by the Department of Housing, Local Government, Planning and Public Works. This mandatory training gives potential candidates insights into the role of a mayor or councillor.

Information provided to candidates 

Council wants to ensure all candidates for the 16 March 2024 local government elections have equal access to the information provided by Council to candidate enquiries.

Access candidate enquiries and the information Council provided in response.