Nambour place revitalisation
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Nov 2022

You’re invited to share feedback on various streets in Nambour by completing a Place Experience Assessment survey between November 11 and December 11, 2022. 

Next time you’re in town, keep your eyes peeled for Place Score survey posters along Currie Street, Bury Street, Howard Street, Lowe Street and Ann Street where you can complete the survey in person by scanning the QR code.


Information from this work will provide baseline data which will inform future designs and important insights on how the town centre will look and function.

About the project 

Nambour Centre is a vibrant hub of the hinterland, servicing the business, entertainment, cultural, health and education needs of the town and the surrounding communities.

Drawing on previous community engagement and planning by community groups and council, a precinct-wide concept design and implementation plan to shape Nambour’s town centre for the next 10 to 15 years will be created in collaboration with the community.   


Project scope 

Over the past 10 years a series of planning and visioning documents have been produced collaboratively by council and the community, outlining a vision for Nambour’s future. This vision will form the basis of the precinct concept plan.

The precinct concept plan, feasibility and implementation plan will provide a clear and detailed understanding of how the town centre will look and function, how much it will cost, and provide a roadmap for when each stage of construction can occur. 

More feedback and community engagement will occur as the plan is developed. 


Community engagement

As part of the placemaking approach to planning and design, council will engage closely to ensure outcomes align with the values and vision of the whole community.  

In the early planning phase of the project, council has held a series of conversations with key community groups, facilitated a community Think Tank workshop, and analysed all documents produced over the last 10 years on Nambour’s town centre. 

Significant changes have occurred since these reports were written, with many of the actions having been completed. Significant policy documents have also been more recently endorsed by council, including the Environment and Liveability Strategy 2017 and the Community Strategy 2019-2041.  

Council has also updated several plans which guide future social infrastructure investment in the region. It was necessary to undertake a review of these documents and implement their relevance to planning for the Nambour centre area.

These investigations have now formed the basis on which the precinct concept plan, feasibility and implementation plan will be produced. 

Project update

More feedback and community engagement will occur as the plan is developed and finalised. This will occur in two stages:

Stage 1: Have we got it right? 

May 2023 – A series of community events and an online survey will allow the community to let council know their thoughts and provide feedback on the draft concept plan. 

June 2023 – Community feedback will be reviewed and analysed to make necessary changes to the plan in response to engagement activities. 

Stage 2: Presenting the plan 

July 2023 – The plan will be presented to the community ahead of Stage 1 construction. 

Where to from here

A draft precinct wide concept design and implementation plan will be produced this financial year with presentation to the community to ask, ‘have we got it right?’ in mid 2023. 

The plan will contain a draft precinct-wide concept plan and individual concept plans for each of the identified areas within the precinct, as outlined below. 


Stage 1 of construction is currently funded within council’s Capital Works Program, however future construction stages are not currently funded. It is intended that the concept and implementation plan will enable the development of future Capital Works Programs and be used in State and Federal Government grant applications. 


Located in the centre of the Sunshine Coast, Nambour is an important major centre servicing the surrounding hinterland towns and villages. 

Nestled in the geographical centre of the Kabi Kabi First Nations Peoples traditional land, Nambour is a place of great significance both pre and post colonisation. The freshwater creeks and excellent soil saw the area used as a place of meeting and resting. 

The central location saw the population swell during important festivities, or hunting and gathering drives, usually in the middle of summer, to as many as 600 people. It was also used as an important stop for groups traveling to the bunya gatherings in the Blackall Ranges. The place name is derived from the First Nations word “Namba”, referring to the red-flowering tea-tree (Callistemon viminalis).  

As the once thriving capital of the Maroochy Shire, the centre has undergone a series of changes over the past 20 years leading to a sense of loss amongst longer term residents. In addition to the relocation of the sitting council chambers, the bypass of the Bruce Highway, the closure of the sugar mill, and changes to agricultural production have also contributed to a perceived decline in the importance of the town. 

This loss of identity and the changing role of the centre is now being seen by many as an opportunity to take forward what is already great and reimagine and redefine the town’s future. Recently the relatively affordable housing and commercial property has seen an influx of younger people attracted to the town’s central locality, good transport options, entertainment precinct and appreciation of a green and leafy aspect.

This project now aims to build on all of the great work that has been accomplished over the past 10 years by the community and council and continue to collaborate with exiting initiatives such as the Special Entertainment Precinct and the Nambour Tram. 

Nambour’s vision

This project aims to contribute to the realisation of Nambour’s Vision:

Nambour is a naturally beautiful, creative, culturally active, and sustainable place to live, work, play and visit.  Nambour is known as the hub of the hinterland, a town nestled in nature. 

Nambour Centre is a vibrant hub of the hinterland, servicing the business, entertainment, cultural, health and education needs of the town and the surrounding communities.

Nambour is a cultural hub which showcases and celebrates its cultural values, heritage and diversity.

Nambour is framed by nature, a naturally beautiful, active and liveable place which embraces nature, healthy living and sustainability. 

Nambour is connected via an efficient rail system, priority and local bus services, improved roads and an extensive network of pathways.


For more information, please contact council’s Placemaking and Design Office via email