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Sunshine Coast Council
Major and Regional Events Sponsorship Program
  • Last updated:
  • 22 May 2018

The Sunshine Coast is one of Queensland’s most popular tourism destinations and its economy depends strongly on the tourism industry. The region hosts a variety of major and regional events each year, which reinforce its reputation as a leading tourism destination. These events support local businesses and contribute to a range of community development goals.

Sunshine Coast Council aims to position the region as Australia’s premier regional major events destination. It has adopted the Sunshine Coast Major and Regional Events Strategy 2013-2017 and appointed the Sunshine Coast Events Board.

Sponsorship of major and regional events is funded by council’s Tourism and Major Events Levy. The sponsorship program helps fund events that attract tourists during the low seasons and generate broad media exposure.


Applicants should submit an application form and appropriate budget (Section B for sponsorship up to $15,000 or Section C for sponsorships over $15,000).


Applicants must demonstrate the event: 

  • can significantly benefit the local economy by attracting visitors from outside the region
  • can attract media exposure for the Sunshine Coast from outside the region
  • is to be held within the boundaries of the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area.

The following events are excluded from this sponsorship program:

  • business events which focus on conventions, conferences and incentive travel
  • community events, as they do not usually focus on attracting visitors from outside the region
  • events of a charitable, religious or political nature
  • events that are closed to the public, either as participants or spectators.


Guided by the Sunshine Coast Major and Regional Events Strategy 2013-2017, the Sunshine Coast Events Board will review all sponsorship applications and make recommendations to council. This process may take up to 10-12 weeks, depending on when the application is received.

Event promotion and resources

Event promoters are encouraged to use the significant marketing and promotional resources available through Visit Sunshine Coast, the regional tourism organisation: 


The Sunshine Coast is home to many great venues that can be used for events including, but not limited to:

For a full list of facilities and venues on the Sunshine Coast, visit council's website. 

Outdoor venues 

The Sunshine Coast has many outdoor venues where events can be held. Temporary permits are required for these. 

More information 

For more information prior to submitting an application, please contact council's Senior Major Events Liaison Officer on 0409 365 143 or email

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