Filming on council land

Council is required to monitor film production on council land including feature films, television commercials, travel shows and still photography.

Council monitors film production on council-controlled land to ensure the activities:

  • are done safely
  • do not have too much impact on residents, businesses and visitors and
  • do not conflict with other events or activities.

Council’s Local Law outlines that an approval is required for filming such as:

  • feature films
  • television commercials
  • travel shows
  • cinema
  • internet
  • still photography shots.

Approval is not needed for:

  • filming on private land
  • audio and visual recording of a wedding or other private celebration or event
  • filming for a school/university project.

How to apply?

An application can be lodged through MyCouncil or by completing the application form and returning it to council.

The application form must be completed in full and submitted to council no later than two (2) weeks prior to filming, and any advertising or promotion.

If you are submitting an application less than 2 weeks prior to filming please contact council to ensure your application is reviewed as a priority.

There are times when approvals may be required from other agencies. Council officers can provide advice on receiving an application. Some examples include:

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