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Path and road safety programs

Find useful resources and information on council's road safety programs.

Road safety is all about making safer choices when you drive, ride, use a mobility scooter, catch public transport or walk.

Council provides travel behaviour change information on:

  • road safety
  • community transport services
  • sustainable transport.

Share the path campaign - Mind if we share?

Council is committed to encouraging sustainable transport use, such as walking, cycling and scooting. The Share the Path campaign – Mind if we share? asks Coast locals and visitors to contribute to our community values of mutual respect, inclusivity and friendliness on all our shared pathways.

Our shared pathways are community spaces where pedestrians, bike and scooter riders and various users come together. Everyone wants to enjoy their time outside. The way you use our pathways is just as important as everyone else’s. Together we can embrace diversity and create a space where everyone can enjoy the pathway in their own unique way. A nice thought, that’s all it takes!

Sharing the pathway

Navigating the pathway together

Download the Five ways to share poster. (PDF, 587KB) 

Safe driving for seniors

With good health and the right attitude to driving older motorists should be able to keep on-road mobility and independence.

In early 2020, RACQ delivered the Years Ahead Program for Seniors at Sunshine Coast Libraries. The program is available on the RACQ website. It can help you drive safer for longer by being aware of your own capabilities.

It includes:

  • road safety issues
  • changes to road rules
  • helpful driving tips
  • important issues such as fitness and medical requirements to drive
  • options available once retired from driving.

Funding from the Queensland Government's Community Road Safety Grants Scheme supported this initiative.