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This video will provide you with a general understanding of what Development.i is and its key features.

Development.i is Sunshine Coast Council's new online development information tool.

Development.i provides you with access to basic property information and application details so that you are informed about what is happening in your area.

Let's have a look at how easy it is to stay informed.

You can access Development.i by typing developmenti.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au into your web browser search bar.

On the home page you will be presented with three search functions, and a variety of pre-configured quick searches and further information links.

  1. Location search: you will use this search if you are interested in basic property information or want to find out about development applications around a specific property, suburb, lot and plan, or division.
  2. Application search: you will use this search if you know the application number
  3. Map search: you will use this option to go directly to the results page to browse properties and applications by map view.

To give you an overview of the features, we will go straight to the results page by clicking the map search.

Here you will be presented with a list view and a map view that is preset to all "In progress development" applications in the Sunshine Coast local government area.

The results page contains a search panel along the top where you can enter either a Location or Application Search, similar to the home page just demonstrated.

Underneath, are your filters. You can use the filters to limit the applications on your list view and map view.

If you do not have a specific location or specific application number, you can simply use the filters and map view to find an area or application of interest to you.

You can zoom in, drop a pin and move this pin to the location you want.

You can view basic property information by clicking on the details button from the list view or from the dropped pin on the map.

To find applications around this pin, simply click on the surrounding applications button.

You can explore the details of these applications by clicking on the details button on the applications dots (when they turn blue) or the list view.

To look at different areas or clear your filters, simply just click the reset filters button.

Instead of using your map, you can browse the List View and use the Zoom To feature to quickly verify the location of the application or click Zoom Back to return to your list results.

You will notice as you zoom in on your map, the application dots change from green to blue. Once the dots turn blue, you are able to click on these for more details.

As a logged in user you can perform a number of additional features.

  1. Save your filtered searches for future reference and register to receive an email alert notifying you when a new application for this search criteria is logged
  2. Favourite a property and register to receive an email alert for new applications lodged within a nominated radius of the property, or
  3. Favourite an application and set alerts to receive updates as the application progresses through the assessment process.

This video provides you with a good overview of the features and functions of Development.i. Further 'how to' videos and additional supporting material is available on the Development.i webpage on council's website.