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How to use eServices

Learn more about how to use eServices.

Before getting started with council's eServices, ensure you have addressed the following:

  • understand how you will integrate, are you a:
    • plumbing business seeking direct integration with council's application programming interfaces (APIs)
    • third party app developer exploring options to integrate with our APIs
    • service agent or backflow tester wanting to submit service or test reports online.
  • register your interest, and we will:
    • discuss current options available and what works best for you
    • process your registration.

Developer portal

Our developer portal enables interested developers to access APIs published by council. The APIs provide direct integration to council's registers.

Once successfully registered to our developer portal for test, select available services from the products tab to integrate with. Services currently available through the developer portal are:

  • OSF Inspections API for onsite sewerage facility services reports, and
  • PLBF Inspections API for backflow test reports.

Click on the service you would like to integrate with, and then subscribe. You will receive an email notification acknowledging your subscription request with council.

Once approved, access your subscriptions and developer guides from the APIs tab.

When ready:

Request access to our production environment, once you have addressed the following:

  • council sign off on your integration in our test environment
  • received your unique vendor code to use for API submissions
  • reviewed and shared a signed copy of your eServices memorandum of understanding (MOU):
  • addressed user registration requirements, where applicable. As per the Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2019, sections 103 and 106:

Contact council's development services:

  • to confirm your go live date to begin online submissions
  • for any enquiries or issues with integration.