Managing roadsides

Council applies local laws across all roads, including state-controlled roads, to improve attractiveness and safety.

On Monday 12 September 2011, council started applying certain local laws across all coast roads - including state-controlled roads - to improve the local amenity and safety of transport corridors.

This is an agreement between the Department of Transport and Main Roads and council allowing certain local laws to be applied on all roads in the region.

Areas covered by the agreement

The laws which are regulated by council on behalf of the Department of Transport and Main Roads are:


The Department of Transport and Main Roads and council are committed to providing a well-managed region that promotes and attracts visitors while ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

The areas under the agreement focus on enhancing the image and visual appearance of the region and increasing community confidence in a safe road network.

Education before regulation

Council has undertaken an extensive public awareness campaign, both in the media and through educational material to ensure residents have been informed of items that do not belong on the roadside.


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