Environmental approvals and management

Environmental impact statement and management plans.

The Sunshine Coast airport expansion project has the approvals required from all levels of government to proceed.

Environmental management

The project includes a number of environmental initiatives with recent progress on the following:

  • 1.25 hectares of closed heath vegetation comprising Mount Emu She-oak tiles have been relocated. A further 198 individual trees have been relocated
  • Habitat improvements to expand the existing wallum heath areas to support frog and ground parrot populations have started
  • A conservation corridor to provide connectivity between the national parks to the north and south of the new runway is underway
  • Additional environmental offsets have been created at the Lower Mooloolah River Environmental Reserve.

Environmental management plans

Environmental impact statement

The Queensland State Coordinator-General’s report delivered on 19 May 2016 approved the environmental impact statement (EIS) for the Sunshine Coast airport expansion project and confirmed the project will deliver major economic and social benefits to the region. Any adverse environmental impacts can be acceptably avoided, minimised, mitigated or offset through the implementation of the measure and proponent commitments outline in the EIS documentation.

The EIS is available for viewing on the Coordinator-General’s website.

See the online aircraft noise information tool, created for the EIS consultation process, to review the aircraft noise over existing addresses for the airport and forecast for 2020 and 2040.