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What's changing and why

Our website refresh introduces a range of features and improvements designed to enhance your experience when using the site.

A fresh new look: Making quick links and important content easy to find and highlighting a range of current of programs, projects, events and latest news.

Customer-centric design: With input from customer feedback and data-driven design, the new site is tailored to better meet your needs.

Improved search tools: Redesigned search functionality for easier and faster access to information.

Simplified navigation: Better wayfinding and easier access to news, events and important updates.

Increased accessibility: More accessible content to ensure everyone can benefit from our services.

We are continually striving to enhance our online services and products. The launch of the newly redesigned website marks another major milestone in our continued efforts to provide quality products for all our customers.

Customer data-driven design

A comprehensive research project informed our design decisions, analysing traffic, page views and user feedback. This research highlighted usability issues and common needs, which we addressed in the new website design.

What's new?

By listening to our website visitors and looking at the data, the new website aims to be simple to use, friendly to navigate and provides everyone with easy access to a wealth of information across a range of our products and services.

The search bar has been enhanced to quickly deliver relevant results. Whether you’re looking for program information, a news story or an upcoming event, our search is your shortcut to find what you need.

Simplified wayfinding and navigation

The primary navigation has been simplified and a sitemap has been included at the bottom of the pages. Common tasks such as contacting Council have been made easier to find.

More access to news and events

The site now includes more news and events, not just from Council but from our other sites, including Venue 114, Altitude Nine and Sunshine Coast Stadium.

Looking ahead

We are committed to continually improving our services. We'll keep reviewing data and feedback to measure our success and explore new tools and products to enhance your experience.

We want to hear from you

Your feedback is important to us. If you have any comments or suggestions, please complete the below form or alternatively you will see the red 'feedback' button on the right side of each page. Click the button to have the feedback form display. We're here to support you and improve our services.