Holding tank pump-outs
  • Last updated:
  • 08 Oct 2021

This cost pays:         

  • for the full cost of providing the service
  • for treating holding tank waste at sewage treatment plants
  • for the annual price increase charged by the pump-out contractor.

Council manages a holding tank service contract on behalf of domestic and commercial residents. Holding tank owners benefit from council’s bulk purchase arrangement. The cost to organise this service individually would be almost double.

Holding tank service charges increase usually each year. This is due to disposal and contract cost increases, including CPI impacts related to fuel prices. Council has been able to not increase the charge this year due to negotiated contract terms.

Pump-out costs

Three pump-out frequencies are available to holding tank owners as follows:

Liquid Waste Service

Annual Charge 2021-2022

Permanent Holding Tank Services (weekly)


Permanent Holding Tank Services (fortnightly)


Permanent Holding Tank Services (every four weeks)



A maximum pump out allowance of 5,000 litres per service is included in the scheduled holding tank charge.

Any extra litres which extracted are charged at the rate of $0.01 per litre and are invoiced to the property owner.

A cyclic frequency for low occupancy premises is also available at $161.00 per service.

You can decrease pump-out frequency, and in turn costs, by reducing the amount of wastewater that enters the system:

Council charges holding tank service fees on the two rate notices for the year, in advance.

Additional services

Additional or extra holding tank services are available if service is required prior to scheduled service day. Once frequency of holding tank service is set, if service is required outside scheduled timeframe, additional service fee applies.

Additional service charge is $161.00 per service when requested during contracted hours (Monday to Saturday). If an additional service is required after hours, a charge of $405.00 is applicable.