Information for developers, designers and builders
  • Last updated:
  • 19 Jun 2019

Developers, designers and builders will need to:

  • consider requirements to accommodate the AWCS in both design and construction
  • take appropriate consideration for managing other waste types (i.e. non AWCS wastes) in the Maroochydore City Centre.
  • follow the process and standards required by the Prescribed Waste Infrastructure Standards made under the Maroochydore City Centre Infrastructure Agreement 2017. Prescribed waste infrastructure standards (no.3) 2019[1992KB]

Approved Contractors 

The Prescribed Waste Infrastructure Standard stipulates that only an Approved Contractor may design, construct, install, commission, and maintain the private pneumatic waste infrastructure for the Automated Waste Collection System. Approved Contractors are required for a development to proceed through the requisite approval steps at each phase of the development.  

Design Engineers can apply to council for appointment as an Approved Contractor (Design). More information about eligibility and how to apply can be found in the application form

Are you looking for an Approved Contractor (Design) to work on your development? Council keeps a listing of those appointed as Approved Contractors (Design) here - Register of Appointed Approved Contractor (Design)


We are continuing to develop resources for developers, builders and designers. Check back regularly for updates on available resources.

For more information about the AWCS requirements refer to the following documents:

Superseded documents