Hazards and Health Outbreaks
  • Last updated:
  • 23 Jan 2020

The Sunshine Coast has major roads, a national highway, interstate train lines and a shipping route along our coastline. This increases the risk a hazardous material accident.

Risks include a spill of a hazardous chemical or petrol from a tanker on a major road or highway, or an oil spill from a ship offshore.

You are potentially at risk of a hazardous material accident if you live within 1.5 kilometres of factories, major roads or railways that may produce or transport toxic chemicals.

Prepare for the possibility of hazardous material accidents spills by:

Major health outbreaks

Queensland Health is responsible for responding to major public health incidents in Queensland, including pandemic influenza. A pandemic is a global disease outbreak which spreads rapidly from person to person over a wide geographical area causing serious illness to most of those affected.

Note: Seasonal influenza which, while unpleasant, is not a pandemic.

Like any region in Australia, the Sunshine Coast may at some time have to deal with a major health outbreak. The risks do not fluctuate with the seasons and the potential for pandemic remains constant throughout the year. Should a pandemic occur, Queensland Health is the lead agency and will broadcast appropriate warnings.