Stray, injured or dead animals
  • Last updated:
  • 22 Apr 2020

Council is able to help with a number of animal issues and concerns.

Feral or stray cats

If a feral or stray cat causes a nuisance on your property, you can borrow a cage from council to catch the animal. There is no cost to use the cage, however it is important that you contact the pound on 07 5439 8000 to confirm availability prior to collecting a trap. If you catch a stray or feral cat, you can take it to the animal pound. If you cannot take the cage to the animal pound, please contact council. A council officer will collect the animal.


To report livestock straying onto public roads, contact council.

If livestock has strayed onto your property, it is your responsibility to find the owner. This also applies if you do not know who owns them. As a last resort, property owners may impound the livestock and call council for more advice. Please note that council reserves the right not to impound livestock in these cases.

Dead animals

To report a dead animal on the road or on council-owned land, contact council to arrange removal.

Abused, injured or neglected animals

To report abused, injured or neglected animals on the Sunshine Coast, contact:

RSPCA Noosa Refuge
Hollett Road, Noosaville, 4566
Phone: (07) 5449 1371 or 1800 812 188
or visit the RSPCA website